Overview of Cremation

The number of people choosing cremation has increased significantly in the past few years, yet cremation carries a long tradition and remains largely unchanged.

Cremation simply expedites the process of reducing a body to bone fragments through application of intense heat.

What is done before or after the cremation is up to the survivors, or up to you. You can relieve the burden of these decisions by pre-planning your arrangements in advance of need so that your wishes will be honored.


Contrary to what some people believe, Cremation does not limit choices, but, in fact, increases one’s options. It is a process which is performed in a respectful and dignified manner and can be memorialized in many ways.

For those selecting cremation we recommend that a representative be appointed ahead of time to authorize the cremation.  This can eliminate many problems that arise when not all family members are in agreement about cremation.

Cremation and Funerals

Choosing cremation neither eliminates nor does it require a funeral service. Traditional or contemporary services are often planned before or after the cremation process. A funeral service followed by cremation may be exactly the same as a funeral service followed by ground burial. They can be elaborate or simple and traditional or nontraditional. Arrangements and ceremonies tend to be as individual as the persons for whom and by whom they are made.They may be personalized specifically to reflect the life of the deceased, and thus have a special meaning. Carl W. Hall Funeral Service, Inc. is able to assist in any and all of your Funeral Service needs. To obtain more information on funeral services click here or call 330-394-4656.

The Complete Cremation Service will be just like a complete funeral service except cremation will follow instead of burial. This requires the use of a cremation casket (casket that is designed to be cremated) or the use of a rental casket. Following the calling and services, the cremation will take place and then the cremated remains can be buried, properly scattered, or returned to the family for safe keeping. Urns are used to hold the cremated remains. Urns can be constructed out of basic materials like cardboard or plastic, or constructed out of more protective materials like marble or semi-precious metals, ceramics, and woods.

The Memorial Cremation Service can be arranged as an immediate disposition of the body to be followed by a memorial service at the church, funeral home or other location. A memorial service is one where the body is not present. We recommend that if you select an immediate cremation, that you take time to privately view the body as a family. This viewing needs to be done a short time after the death where the deceased can be viewed on a cot and embalming will not be necessary.  If there is to be a long delay (more than 8-12 hours) then embalming would be encouraged. If the viewing could not be done within 48 hours then embalming may be required. Viewing of the deceased is a very important step in acknowledging that the death has occurred. Having some type of service or ceremony is important for your grief recovery.

A Direct Cremation refers to the removal and transportation of the deceased to the crematory; then the funeral director meets with the family to secure the required information, identification and documentation, followed by the cremation.  The cremains are usually returned to the family, buried or entombed in niche.

Importance of Memorialization

Memorialization provides a permanent, secure place for cremated remains to be placed, and for family members to honor the life of the deceased.

Cremation allows families many choices for memorializing a loved one. Some families choose to keep the cremated remains with them at home, or to scatter the remains over land or water. Carl W. Hall Funeral Service, Inc. suggests the following memorialization options for cremated remains:

Memorialization Options for Cremation

Niches – The cremated remains of your loved ones may be safely placed in columbarium niches at many local cemeteries and several churches in our area.

Scattering – Your loved one’s remains may be scattered freely within a dedicated, natural environment. There are also certain services which offer scattering among the sea or the stars.

Traditional Burial – In ground burial on a family plot – Urns may be buried at the head or foot of a grave site.

Personalized Memorialization – Inscribe your family member’s name and a special saying on a bronze or granite memorial.  We also have custom engraved urns and keepsakes, perfect for displaying inside your home. For an overview of these items, please visit our merchandise pages, or contact us directly and we will help you with your needs.