Our Crematory


Prior to our hundredth year in business, we started the process of constructing a dedicated cremation facility. As more and more people choose cremation for their loved ones, we wanted to have a place where those services could be held in a comfortable, peaceful, and respectful setting. While also allowing the flexibility to tailor it to what each individual family needs.


This project included a building designed around the needs for cremation, and the facilities required for that type of service.


The facility contains a room which can be configured for several different uses including:


Private time for family to see their loved one prior to cremation.


Witness the start of the cremation process.


Public Memorial service


Special Religious rites involving cremation


There are restrooms facilities and other amenities also on site.


In our new facility we have a state of the art cremation machine. This new machine allows us to operate more efficiently, while taking less time for the cremation process to be completed. The machine incorporates an automated loading system which eliminates the need for our staff to physically push the cremation container or casket into the cremation chamber. It also greatly increases the weight limit that the machine can cremate safely. If a family chooses to witness the cremation, they can also remotely start the cremation process using the automated loading system.










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